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say grace
released August 2013

The Band

Sam Baker - voice,  guitar

Rick Richards - drums

Drew Pressman - bass

Anthony Da Costa - electric guitar


Guest Artists

Billy Crockett - harmony voice on Say Grace

Chip Dolan - piano on Say Grace, White Heat, Interlude and Button by Button

Steve Conn - piano on The Tattooed Woman, Introduction to Feast, Feast, Sweet Hour of Prayer

Tim Lorsch - strings on Road Crew, White Heat, Interlude, Button by Button and Go in Peace

Joel Guzman - accordion and harmony voice on Migrants

Carrie Elkin - second voice on White Heat and Button by Button

John Ross Silva - percussion on Ditch and Isn't Love Great

Lloyd Maines - guitar on Isn't Love Great

Oliver Steck - trumpet on Isn't Love Great

Britt Savage - harmony voice on Feast

Roxie Dean - harmony voice on Feast
Mickey Grimm - drums on Feast
Gurf Morlix - electric guitar and bass on Feast

Radoslov Lorcovic - accordion on Feast

Chris Baker-Davies - voice on Sweet Hour of Prayer, A Panhandle Winter

Raina Rose - second voice on Sweet Hour of Prayer and Button by Button

Stephen Scott Baker - pedal steel on a Panhandle Winter

Lead Recording Engineer, Mixing - John Ross Silva, Cedar Creek Recording, Austin Texas

Mastering - Jim Wilson Mastering, Boulder, CO

Additional Recording- 

     Steve Lorree, Crabapple Downs, Nanton Alberta

     Bradley Hartman, Thirteen Degrees Studio, Nashville Tennessee

     Fred Remmert, Cedar Creek Recording, Austin Texas

Production - Sam Baker, except Feast by Sam Baker and Tim Lorsch

Photography - Sam Baker, Chrislyn Lawrence (back cover)

Art - Sam Baker


All songs by Sam Baker (BlueLimeStone Publishing copyright 2013 SESAC)


-The Tattooed Woman - The melodic bridge and the musical interlude are to the tune of Picardy, a French medieval folk melody, dating to the seventeenth century. I learned the melody in the Presbyterian church in Itasca as a child. It was used in the hymn 'Let all Mortal Flesh Keep Silent'

- Road Crew inspired by E. Dickinson

- Feast inspired by W. B. Yeats

 -Sweet Hour of Prayer by William B. Bradbury 1816-1868

-Go in Peace by Sam Baker (SESAC BlueLimeStone) and Liz Rose (BMI Sony) and inspired by the hymn 'Come thy Fount of Every Blessing' words by Robert Robinson 1732-1790

© ℗ 2013 by Sam Baker

All rights reserved

Published by Blue Limestone Publishing (SESAC)

A BlueLimeStone Release

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