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land of doubt

the border is restless...

Utterly evocative…-The Associated Press


Over his dreamy electric-guitar themes, buttressed by trumpet, keys, percussion, strings and more guitar, Baker's conversational voice (and his mist-filled black-and-white photographs) evokes the twilight shadows inhabiting the no man's land between an old belief and a possible new belief. ---Geoffrey Himes

With a sound both soaring and sad, the Texas-based Baker sings in a raspy talk-whisper that makes you stop what you're doing, sit down and listen. ---Scott Stroud, The Associated Press

In some ways, more a poet than a musician, Baker paints vivid pictures with often simple phrases.  As a singer, Baker somehow simultaneously sounds both tough as nails and fragile as glass… Peter Blackstock, The Austin American Statesman…


Sam Baker, Texas songwriting alchemist, fashions lyrical gold from the mundane…Chronicle Live UK

Sam Baker has a gift for ferreting among the seemingly ordinary and coming-up with gems of a rare quality. …Chronicle Live UK


Sam Baker has reached a career high with ‘Land of Doubt’; it’s an album, a complete piece of work and one of the most beautiful pieces of art you will hear all year…Malcolm Carter, Pennyblack UK

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