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when Noah sang

Maybe Noah

After the rain stopped

and the water receded

drove his big boat onto the land

that was there all along.

And the dry world started once again

Back on solid land

he returned to the cares and the caring of the world

gardening, house building


but for a while

for 40 days and 40 nights

there he was on the big splash

the deep water

that covered the earth

at the tiller of a clunky hand made boat

that steered like a bathtub full of monkeys two by two and such


no direction home

nothing but sky and wind and water and stars and moon and sun and life was



nothing to do but ride the big waves

feed the hungry animals

sing lullabies

to the sleeping geese

the sleeping tigers

all the sleeping creatures

it was perfect

in its own way


When Noah sang.

This is a poetic piece. Not sure where it came from. it jumped out one day when it was raining on prickley pear. Part of it must be from Wind, Sand and Stars by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry who (whom?) I love so much. One of the missing things from the flood story was all the other people and birds and snakes and animals that got drowned. At some point maybe I'll write about it from the view of one of the wrens or squirrels or nuns or pilgrims or small farmers or pregnant women that were washed away in the great flood while tending their gardens or painting cave walls or squirlling nuts away. of course the flood story could be myth and no one was drowned in its telling. Just like nobody drowns in my writing. Ever. For real.

current work

acrylic on paper


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