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The mind of the Buddha

The mind of the Buddha, is like water that is calm, deep and crystal clear, and upon which 'the moon of truth' reflects fully and perfectly. The mind of the ordinary man, on the other hand, is like murky water, constantly being churned by the gales of delusive thought and no longer able to see its reflection. Thus we lead lives that are frustrating and meaningless...

So long as the winds of thought continue to disturb the water of our Self-nature, we cannot distinguish truth from untruth. It is imperative, therefore, that these winds be stilled. Once they abate, the waves subside, the muddiness clears, and we perceive directly that the moon of truth has never ceased shining. The moment of such realization is kensho, enlightenment, the apprehension of the true substance of our self-nature. Unlike moral and philosophical concepts, which are variable, true Insight is imperishable

-Monk Yasutani


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