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the band driving...

I forget what a powerful singer Jimmy LaFave was. Oddly enough Walk away Renee came on shuffle. It is a live version. I heard it real time so long ago- not sure which bar. Probably not this version but possibly. I listened then but maybe not. It is hard to remember bar to bar. He played so many places.

Just walk away Renee.

You won’t see me follow you back home

I haven’t felt music at all for a while. Nothing. Flat line. And listening to Jimmy kick it. The okie soul singer. The last chorus. Not a lot of volume- emphasis. Punching it hard. The guitar driving. Probably John Inman. The drums right hand driving with that perfect fit beat. Probably Bobby Kallus.

Still finds a way to haunt me

Just walk away Renee

You won’t see me follow you back home

I sit down at Linda and Katie’s Casio keyboard that I borrowed 15 years ago (and if you are reading and want it back- it still sings- even after garage living, attic camping, Avion trailer life. Whisper, shout, send a monarch with a parchment note- it will find its way home to you). I work out some of the chords. I think he is in A. One six minor four then something.

Thank you for another gift my friend. This is what music is. The band driving. Jimmy kicking it. One of those perfect things...that gift.

From wiki:

"Walk Away Renée" is a song written by Michael Brown, Bob Calilli, and Tony Sansone for the band the Left Banke, released as a single in July 1966

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