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Palestine Part One Live from the Saxon

August 2019

Chip Dolan on keys

Jimmy Shortell on horn

Who is ready to be saved?

shouts the traveling Nazarene

Palestine is a small town in east Texas. It is located in a deep forest of tall pines. Having grown up on the prairie, I never felt entirely comfortable in the dense forests of east Texas or dense forests anywhere in the world. Claustrophic. Skyless. Empty of horizon. One tree after another. Difficult to see the trees for the forest. Light is diminished. Rare. Pieces of light- all broke to fragments.

I went to a revival when I was a child. I dont remember much. A lot of shouting. A lot of clapping. A digital decision world. Positive/Negative. Good/Evil. Heaven/ Hell. The lines were drawn clear and black. The shouting minister was the one drawing the lines. It was a man and it seemed to give him lots of clout with the worshipers. Rock star stuff.

tan legs a summer dress

he burns to save her soul

he burns to wash her clean

behind the tent in Palestine

Palestine, Palestine

oh Palestine

we got satan on the run

shouts the Nazarene

Palestine was named after Palestine, Illinois by a preacher. The hottest temperature recored was 114 degrees in 1954- the year I was born.


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