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Day 9 Isolaton

It rained last night for hours. Sporadic. heavy, light, heavy, light. Rain on a tin roof is percussive. I tried to record it and failed. The capture volumes were set too low. Also I set it and fell back asleep to the patter. Like a million tiny drummers on the porch roof.

The sound is symphonic. An Arrhythmic opening. Heavy drops of water falling one higher roof to one lower roof. Then the entire orchestra of rain gathering then falling in a stream like waterfalls. All sounds blend to a unified whole. The rain slacks and leaves the heavy drops falling higher to lower. Like the kettle drum fading. The last few beautifully dark heavy strikes.

The beat is not like a heart beat. Not 4/4. or 3/4 or even Paul Desmond's famous 5/4. Rain has its own beat. Its own rhythm.

It feels almost random. Which of course it is not. Which of course it can not be.






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