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Day 8 Isolation

Ok it isn't total isolation I went to the store yesterday for food, scrips and other stuff. Last night there as a storm. big wind and lots of lighting. around 4 am there was a giant flash to the east. Lightning had struck an electric pole. Electricity was gone. out. darkness. No water well, no heat ugh.....I went back to bed.

Around 8 am a Central Texas Electric truck rolled up. They reset the fuse on the transformer. They use a long pole. It is cool to watch.

Now I have power. And water. And heat. They are miracle workers.

Let there be light!

and there was light.

Let there be heat!

and there was heat.

Let there be water!

and water sprang from the earth and poured from the tap- beautiful, fresh and still very hard. I guess there ARE limits to miracles.

We are all in this together my friends. I am grateful for the people at Central Texas Electric. My life would be upside down without electricity.


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