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Day 7 Isolation

What a strange time. None of us know what it is to live the time of plague. Platitudes ring hollow. This too shall pass. Joy comes in the morning.

And I know that all things pass that joy will come on some morning. That something will happen. Things will change. That rain will fall on the just and the unjust. As my friend David Halley says.

Rain don't fall for the flowers if it is falling

Rain Just Falls

I planted onions and garlic. I have not gardened since I was a child. A friend is a master gardener said "plant the dangly things down." And that is what I am did.


garlic and onions are in their dirt

in their giant world

with its giant worms

warmed by the sun

washed by the rain

they are

in the game!

roll the dice!


i pay attention to the sky


in the promise

of rain


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