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Day 44 isolation

Good morning my friends,

day 44 isolation. The president says bleach and lysol can maybe cure covid if ingested or injected or whatever. I know it sounds ridiculous and is dangerous. And insane. like taking a poison. And it IS dangerous and ridiculous (and insane). So I am saying to all of my friends- dont do it. Don't take it.

This note is for someone who is sick. Someone who is desperate. Someone who wants a miracle. Who will try anything. When I was dying, I wanted so much to find one thing that would fix everything- that cure that would make well the terrible ness of dying. That one thing that could take me back before the train car blew up.

Magic thinking. Even when I knew it was magic thinking. I wanted it.

There is a difference in hope and magic thinking.

Hope (from google)

  1. 1. a feeling of expectation and desire for a certain thing to happen.

magical thinking (from Wiki)

In psychiatry, magical thinking is adisorder of thoughtcontent;[2]here it denotes the false belief that one's thoughts, actions, or words will cause or prevent a specific consequence in some way that defies commonly understood laws of causality.[3]

Drinking bleach defies commonly understood laws of causality. It will kill you. Really. Insane stuff.

So don't do it. Even if you are desperate. Hopeless. I know desperation and it leads to desperate things.

Hang in there. Hope. Reach out. Try to be of service. That is what I learned in that mess. mostly. hang in there. One day at a time was about all I could pull off. There are no magic bullets.

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