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Day 22 isolation

talking with friends more than i have in years. It is a quiet joy. A silver lining (not bright enough silver to make up for the body bags the military is buying for civilian men, women and children- our neighbors- ps buy ventilators and masks- Poof we don't need as many body bags.)

We talk about wanting to do more. Wanting to get out of isolation. Do Something. Any Something. We are all over 60. All with medical conditions. And then we say collectively stay out of the way. Don't get sick. Don't start the chain saw. Don't climb on the roof. Don't take up space in the hospital. That space is precious. It is holy. It is for the victims of this plague.

Do no harm.

Details: a friend sent a note that there is a run on pickles in Austin. I was not expecting that. Toilet paper is still scarce. Grocery stores are doing a miraculous job of restocking. My last grocery run- the cracker shelf was mostly empty. Except a flavored cracker. They were untouched. I bought some. I know why they were untouched and even now untouchable.

The news coming in gets darker by the day. We don't really test in Texas so we don't really know. We have conducted about 50 thousand tests plus minus We have 29 million people. That is .00172414 percent. It is not a very high percentage. We fly blind.

I am obsessed with birds. Obsessed with spring flowers.

They both seem unaffected by the plague. They seem to know their way.


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