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Day 19 isolation

5:45 Am. Today is Monday. It feels like Sunday. Or Thursday. The days have a similar feel. It is the end of the month. I know that because I have to pay people. either for things that I have bought (groceries) or things that I want to not lose (my house). And things I dont want to stop. Electricity. Water. Internet. Cell.

These are the defining issues today. The transactional month end issues. the things I have used or will use. Things I dont want to give up. things I dont want to lose. Time to settle up. Money is the settler.

It is still cool at night and in the morning. Summer is coming but not here. The wild flowers are exquisite. The wind carries the scent of bee bush. It will all burn to brown and gray with an acrid smell but that is still several weeks away.

For now it is eden. Birds will being singing in an hour. The sky will lighten. The raccoons who were fighting last night will disappear back into the brush and sleep off the sunflower seeds that they found under the feeder. Wind will blow. Mesquite will bloom. My one rabbit will emerge. like a magician.

Let the circus begin!

At some point I will read the news. It will be bad. The suffering in the world is expanding exponentially. It is difficult to look at day after day. I have dear friends on the medical front lines. They dont have the right stuff. Masks. Protective clothing. They are risking there lives. They are risking the lives of their families. I am afraid for them. I am furious that they have to accept this risk. I contribute to a person who buys masks and donates them to hospitals. I am grateful to be able to do something no matter how small.

There is good news though. And I will find it. I will record the birds singing. They sing of nothing but good news. I will photograph wild flowers. They are good news as blossom. I will put these things on this site. Things that are beautiful. Things that are timeless.

Things to hold on to.


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