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Day 17 isolation

a pre dawn storm. lighting strikes up and down the power transmission lines. rain is falling. electricity is on and off and off and on and on and off again power up power down. my lap top is tingling. not sure what that is all about but it is old. a 2012 - an elder computer in electronic years. ancient. maybe if i throw it out in the rain, and kill it- the dow will rise.

i am glad i have it. the elder laptop. i like the keyword. it is comfortable. seems to fit seems to have a nice pressure.

my keyboard players. chip and rad. they talk about how keys feel. how pianos feel. the pressure. just enough. the spring just enough.

everthing is just enough. not too much. not too hot. not too cold. like porridge.

we had a piano in Utrecht that was the end of all pianos. a grand- tuned beautiful. perfect set up. key pressure. just enough. Rad said it was better than Carnigie Hall (which he had played)

It was all too beautiful. all too beautiful

and now we have plague. power flickers. My keyboard tingles.

Happy to have the keyboard really. not so much the plague. I have yet to silver lining the plague.

There may be too much suffering. I got these numbers on the internet. I think they are right.

Suicide Prevention

Substance Abuse/Mental Health Helpline

Sexual Assault Hotline

Domestic Violence Hotline

Crisis Text Line: Text HELLO to

If you need help ask for it. Smart good people are standing by. Ready to make things better.

power off again. and suddeneny the sky is light and all the new spring green seems to have come over night- the mesquite. began to leaf by the river and day by day the leaf appeared every few feet of elevation. It i all a miracle. A very old miracle. and as they say. A new miracle too.

Although the world is full of suffering, it is also full of the overcoming of it.

-Helen Keller


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