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Day 14 the end of the second week

Quiet. These days are quiet. At least for me. I am not at a hospital desperate for a mask or a ventilator.

or stocking canned creamed corn. or keeping the water flowing through my pipes.

Today is a grocery, trash, and mail day. Each act of engaging in the world now has a different weight. A different meaning than it did before the plague. Maybe that meaning was always there. Maybe I overlooked it in the Hurley gurley (the Hurley Burley? see note below)- the business, the distraction, the shielding- that was my modern pre plague life.

The president said.and I paraphrase: infect em all. let god sort em out.

I always wondered how a a smart capable people like the germans could allow Hitler. I have a glimpse now. A leader that will lie big. Distract always. Reward magic thinking. Punish realism. The now you see it- now you don't kind of thing. It is reality tv. Interesting. Distracting. Easy to see through but difficult to rein in. Especially with an enabler class of true believers. And weakened institutions.

let god sort em out. that is some evil s__t.

always. there are flowers for those who wish to see them. There is paint for those who wish to paint. even if it is charcoal on a cave wall.

note: checking on sources. Hurly Burly is a burlesque dance troup formed by Miss Paula Rae. Hurley Burley is a race horse.

note 2: ah.. so this is where I got it. Mr. Shakespeare. The Scottish play.

First Witch- When shall we three meet again —

In thunder, lightning, or in rain?

Second Witch.When the hurlyburly's done,

When the battle's lost and won.

So a commotion. A distraction. In Shakespeare's time it was tinged in violence. And maybe in our time too.

let god sort em out. some evil s__t.


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