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Day 10 my isolation our plague

It is getting ugly out in the world. so many sick. hospitals filling then filled. our brave medical people going to work everyday. risking their lives. the lives of their families. running out of basic stuff that keeps them safe. It is heartbreaking.

It is our plague. I stay with my mission. Don't get in the way. Don't add to the misery that is rolling in. Isolate well. Check on people.

It is cold (by our standards 46 degrees) and wet. The river has stopped rising at around 6 feet. it is a beautiful mocha color with a reddish tinge from the sandy soil that is washing to the gulf. four thousand cubic feet per second of creamy latte.

Simplicity. Art may ask a lot but it does not require much. A table. Some paper. Some orange paint.

Sometimes though art asks for nothing

Sometimes, art just gives.


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