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released June 2004

For Janie and Ollie.  To my family and friends.  I am you and you are me.  Good luck for me.  Good luck to you.  Thanks to all of the artists, strangers, travelers, boatmen, lovers, carpenters, soldiers, drunks, housewives, fighters, social workers, builders, kids, cops, firefighters, drifters, nurses, ministers and teachers.  Special thanks to everybody who tries hard to do something good.  Everyone is at the mercy of another one's dream. 

The Band

Sam Baker - voice, guitar, harmonica

Mike Daly - pedal steel guitar, dobro guitar

Ron de la Vega - upright bass, cello

Mickey Grim - drums, percussion

Tim Lorsch - violin, octave violin, mandolin

Walt Wilkins - voice, guitar

Guest Artists

Tim Carter - banjo on Iron

Jessi Colter - voice on Waves

Chris Baker-Davies - voice on Truale and Baseball

Stephanie Urbina Jones - voice on Angels

Michael Kelsh - voice on Angels

Rick Plant - guitar on Iron

Britt Savage - voice on Change and Kitchen

Randy Wayne Sitzler - voice on Truale

Kevin Welch - voice on Truale

Joy Lynn White - voice on Iron

Tina Mitchell Wilkins - voice on Truale and Angels

Recorded Fall 2003

Dog Den Studio

Nashville, Tennessee

Engineer - Bill McDermott

Photography - Mary Bruton (cover), Sam Baker (Moonrise Mason County)

CD Art and Design - Sam Baker, Mary O. Davis, Kathy Marcus

Mastering - Jerry Tubb, Terra Nova Digital Audio Inc, Austin Texas

Editting - Terry Sasser

All lyrics by Sam Baker (Blue Limestone Publishing ©2004 - SESAC), except: "Monday's Child" by Mother Goose.  All music by Sam Baker (Blue Limestone Publishing © 2004-SESAC), except: "Mercy" by Baker, Lorsch and Waterson.  String arrangements for "Mercy" by Baker, DeLaVega, Lorsch, Waterson and Wilkins.  "Truale" inspired by the Spring Creek, Texas Fight Song "If I Had the Strength of Them Crawdads."  "Kitchen" lyrics inspired by "Sitting in the Cotton" (trad.).  Walt Wilkins appears courtesy of Highway 29 Records.  Kevin Welch appears courtesy of Dead Reckoning Records.  Jessi Colter appears courtesy of the goodness of her heart.

© ℗ 2004 by Sam Baker

All rights reserved

Published by Blue Limestone Publishing (SESAC)

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