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talk about forgiveness 

 #1  Album

Euro- Americana Chart

#12  Top Fifty Albums -

No Depression Readers Poll 

5 STARS- 'Cotton’ stands alone as an album and 'Angel Hair’ stands as one of the finest love songs in any genre released this year, but viewed as part of the trilogy it is even stronger and if you discover Sam Baker through this album you will probably go back to the others. Simple but magnificent.

Andy Snipper

Baker’s songs evoke a wistfulness and melancholy that takes the listener to a place that might be uncomfortable at times, but touches your heart at all times

Bill Bowker

Sam Baker never ceases to amaze me. How someone can continually increase their genius from album to album is quite extraordinary. The latest album Cotton is absolutely incredible. You will feel like you’ve been saved after the first listen.

Shayne Hollinger

This album hits all the right notes, start to finish. Sam has never been in better voice. The songwriting is as poetic and personal as ever, and, as usual, leaning toward the spiritual side. The production is flawless.

Steve Circeo

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